Top 5 Reasons Chicago Homeowners Need Security Systems

All homeowners can benefit from security systems, but for homeowners in Chicago security systems are a must have! As long as the city has been around it has been known for producing some of the most notorious criminals and drawing both the good and the bad near. So while you have come to Chicago for various reasons, there is no good reason why you would want to ignore the potential to become the victim of property crimes.On duty 147071231 1 in 24 homes in the area will suffer from a theft, burglary or worse and the only real protection you have are the prevention methods you might take. But security systems aren’t all about the doom and gloom of crime! Security systems these days have transcended the foggy inconveniences that homeowners used to suffer through and wireless systems with home automation have brought about really exciting potential for homes. Let’s talk about the top 5 reasons you want to make sure you have a security system in your home.


Let’s start with the obvious, you know what home security systems bring you? Protection from the riffraff out there! A good surveillance system is going to make sure that you’re able to stop burglary from happening, whether through professional monitoring, or motion activation alerts. If you choose to not only film the crooks, but to have a motion detection system that let’s you know when something is up while you’re away you can actually catch crooks in the act and send the cops for them.

DeterrenceFull-length of burglar entering into house 452416383

Security systems on homes can actually protect you from a burglar who’s looking for a good target, and we’re not talking just once in a blue moon. Statistics say that homeowners without systems are nearly three times a likely to be robbed in comparison to homeowners who have surveillance installed. A crook really wants and easy target, in and out without a sound. Your cameras and motion detectors will make sure that isn’t possible.


What homeowner doesn’t wish they could look in on the family during the day, see how the dog is doing while he’s all-alone or maybe check up on the kids because they’ve got that new nanny. Home monitoring is a feature that is becoming more and more popular for homeowners with security systems. Utilizing remote access to your security system you can control cameras inside and outside the home to check in. You can also review the footage that has been captured during the day.

Home Management

With home automation (available to most every home through your security company) you will enjoy a multitude of additional benefits besides those of greater crime prevention. Home management can actually be made easier with integration of various monitoring devices. Instead of just monitoring for movement you can have elements that will allow you to turn off lights, control the thermostat and check on utilities usage, many can even turn on the television. How easy it is with these to make sure the home is comfortable before you get home. Or while on vacation to make sure that lights and appliances are switching on and off to make the house seem lived in.

Peace of Mind

Family Pet 153703963With home automation and remote control you can enjoy greater peace of mind! No more worrying about whether the system was turned on or off, you can do it from your phone. If you need to let a friend in while you’re at work, you can do it from your phone. Check in on the kids, respond to an alert, turn off lights—you can do it all from your phone.

There are many reasons that your Chicago home security systems are highly useful, but of course they begin and end with real security. If you want to learn more about the kinds of security and home automation features that are available to you call 866-565-4305 and speak with an expert today!