With Chicago’s crime rate resting at 52 per 1,000 residents you don’t need to argue that Chicago home alarm system design is important.

Project 113629983Burglars strike residential homes every 13 minutes and it only takes seconds for them to get away with over $3,000 of loot. Your security system, if properly designed and functioning will diminish your chances of being victimized by burglary nearly 300%! The problem is that many homeowners who have systems installed over look the important placement of devices and proper syncing methods and wind up with holes in their system that leave them vulnerable. Here are some of the most common mistakes made in home alarm system design, avoid them like the plague.

Overlooking Access or Entry Points

I’m certain you’ll remember to get sensors put up over the front door and probably the back door. While this will protect you from most burglars this is not the end-all be-all of important access points that you need to make sure are protected. Too many people end up forgetting LARGE entries such as the basement window on the side of the house and the garage door– which happens to be the largest door in the building! These areas cannot be overlooked if you want to prevent a burglary from happening. When drawing up your alarm system begin at the bottom of the house, note every entry (even the dog door) and discuss with a professional how you can cover all of them.

Self-installation Backfiring

Many homeowners install their own security system because DIY is meant to save you money. This can be a very good choice when you’re going with a simple wireless system. If you’re going choosing to have your home wired for protection and you’re more interested in remote monitoring you can probably set up the system yourself. But when it comes to self-installation beware of how easily it can backfire on you! Security systems are fickle things that need to be handled JUST RIGHT. Getting a professional to help you reduces the chance of false alarms and increases the chances that your system will be burglar proof.

Placing Control Panels In Plain Sight

DSCN4533_2If you can see your control panel through the front window or the door then you’ve failed the security battle from the get go! A burglar isn’t afraid to walk up to your home and look through your windows to see what you have, and they certainly aren’t afraid to look and see where your security panel is and if your system is armed. Place the control panel in a hallway near bedrooms or the kitchen or consider getting rid of the control panel and installing security system automation.

Using Useless Codes

You’re worried about the chances of your security system getting in the way of your busy schedule- or you want your kids to be able to disarm it if necessary, so you choose a code everyone will remember 1234! This is wrong! Completely wrong and so useless! What crook doesn’t know how to start with the most common default codes? You want security then keep things secret and sophisticated. Make it a date that’s important to you, or an old address.

Buying Cheap Equipment

The final point we’ll make here is the mistake of buying cheap equipment just because some website says their generic product works just as well as the professional ones do. There’s a reason they’re generic. As a matter of fact too many discount products are complete duds right out of the box. If you really want security, don’t risk it on equipment you got under cost. Make sure you’re devices can do the job they need to.