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Getting a home alarm system is not as simple as you might assume when you set out on your security journey. The more you look the more you’ll discover that you have hundreds of choices to make, which of course means you’re bound to come across twice as many questions. So to help you with the great debate of which things you want and where you want them and how you want to run them we offer this small FAQ for the most commonly asked basic home alarm system questions. Hope it helps you find the answers you’ve been looking for.

What is A Home Security System?

A security system is a method by which many homeowners and businesses protect people, information, or goods. Home security systems have been specifically designed to protect families and their property. These systems show a high amount of success at both deterring potential crime and allowing for more effective response after crimes do occur. Monitoring services are often used to make home security systems additionally secure 24 hours a day, with professional technicians in a remote hub watching for notifications from the motion detection devices and alarms in the system.

Do I Even Really Need A Security System?

For many people security systems may seem like an extra expense that doesn’t need to be included since the chances of being burglarized seem so low. Burglary crime - burglar opening a door 183991278The truth is that home security and alarm systems actually decrease the likelihood of being burglarized by 300%! That’s three times less likely than homes without systems. With American homeowners reporting over 2 MILLION burglaries every year it’s better to not be a part of the statistics: which are that 1 in 3 homes without a system will actually be victimized. A good security system is a valuable part of any home maintenance budget.

Can I Get A Home Security System Even If I Rent An Apartment?

With the knowledge that apartments are 85% more likely to be robbed than residential homes it’s good to know you CAN get quality home security systems and professional monitoring services! These systems are specifically designed to be versatile and easy to move when that is needed. Additionally you might consider looking for strategically security safe apartments before signing your next apartment contract.

Couldn’t I DIY A Security System For Cheaper?

While there are many home security discount sites out there where you might find all the parts and pieces of your protection plan DIY isn’t always the best option. That’s not to say that DIY security systems are a bad option. For techno-savvy individuals or homeowners that are looking for very specific protection DIY can be the option that will bring all the right solutions. But choosing to rely on your knowledge instead of the knowledge of experts can definitely result in weaknesses in your protection that burglars might exploit. It is important to understand exactly what pieces you’re looking for and how those pieces work together to provide you with a full net of protection.

Are Wired Or Wireless Systems Better?

This is a matter that’s between you and your house! Depending upon the kind of protection you’re looking for this answer can change drastically. cell-95478718When people use the term “wireless” it tends to be in reference to systems where the control panel and devices are not connected by wires, where as a wired security system has all the parts connected. There are also wireless systems that allow you to connect with your security system from home and both wired and wireless systems are getting the capability to connect remotely. That said, there are pluses and minuses to wired and wireless systems. Our vote: don’t settle for a wireless system that’s running analog broadcast. Digital wireless systems are getting far more reliable, but analog wireless is not worth your time. Wired systems remain reliable, affordable, and long lasting!