When it comes to finding home security for renters it really can seem like quite a headache. Many landlords hate the idea of allowing a tenant to install a system when they may only stay a few months. For those landlords who are more willing to bend there’s still fewer options because installing a wired system through the walls requires serious commitment. That doesn’t mean that renters don’t deserve the very best in home security. Parents with baby and mother with cell phone 89791804As a matter of fact, since you are more than 82% more likely to be burglarized it would stand to reason that your possessions and abode deserve even better surveillance. Good home security for Chicago renters is completely possible to achieve, even if it requires a bit more foresight than home buyers might need.

Start with Location

Sometimes there is very little you can do to get out of the danger zones, when commutes get too long or price ranges are difficult you can feel like you don’t have any options, but don’t give up! There are always choices for renters and if you’re thinking about security ahead of the time you have a better chance of finding a place that will be safe. Make sure that you’re looking at complexes or apartments that are located in neighborhoods where the crime rate is lower, or at least in a complex that puts a greater focus on security.

Look For Physical Security Layers

As you look at apartments, take care to check for the physical layers of security—even though in some situations these don’t guarantee much protection.Vacant apartment, New York City, New York, USA 86526285 Visit the site during the night and day. Look for lights that are on over doorways and walkways, look for apartments with gated common areas and gated parking. Choose apartments that are up a flight or two instead of on the ground floor. Look for solid core doors, deadbolts that extend all the way into the doorframe, and locks on all the windows. If you feel secure when you visit the complex you’re on the right road.

Ask For Permission To Make Changes—Go Wireless

I’m not talking about knocking out a wall here, I’m talking about the simple things like installing new deadbolts in the doors so your keys aren’t shared with an unknown number of people and the installation of some pretty basic security features. While most landlords are not too fond of the idea of you installing a security system, there are methods to put in place surveillance and monitoring devices wirelessly. With remote monitoring you could keep an eye on your place yourself since motion activated cameras can report to you in the case of any activity.

Using wireless cameras for surveillance over the main door and glass break sensors for the windows in your apartment you can keep an eye on things.

Professional Security

Professional security companies are even willing to provide month-to-month contracts on wireless apartment security monitoring! These systems are easy to move when that time comes, and your contract can often move with you. Renters can enjoy the same peace of mind any homeowner has so don’t settle for less than real security.